A Moment in Paradise 

I love traveling a lot. But unfortunately there isn’t much opportunities for me to travel due to economic and time constraints. But I am blessed with a life to live in one of the most beautiful countries of the world; Maldives. Let’s take a deep breath and have an aerial look over some islands.

Photo by: Ahmed  on 27th. Aug.2017

As you all see, we have blue lagoons and white sandy beaches. I enjoy the miracle of living in this paradise. I have been working in an island council since 2014. From that day my schedules were busy in traveling domestically from ra. Atoll to the capital island Male’. Our capital is a dense populated city, but our islands are super to experience the local traditional life as well as the Maldivian culture.

Male city. Photo by: Ahmed

Through these journeys I have experienced the rough seas and calm monsoons even. There are two ways which you can travel from atolls to male. As I have mentioned before sea journeys are fun and full of excitement to see the beautiful places but it’s really time consuming. 

Photo by: Ahmed on 12th September 2017: An beautiful weather in the capital city (the island island you see in front is the funadhoo, where government oil reserve is kept) 

When you live in a local island, you are getting a bundled experience of the white sandy  beaches, snorkel into the reefs, fishing in the nearby lagoons or living in a less populated village life. These are some pictures of my trips to Ba. Atoll

Photos by: Ahmed 2nd September 2017

So let’s look at the transportation systems. It’s really easy to travel domestically in the northern region. Especially in ra. Ba. And noonu atolls, since there are multiple means of transportation. One of the most effective and cost efficient one is the speed boat transfers scheduled in every three days a week. Through this ferry service operated by private companies, you could travel in between the islands as well as to other atolls and Male’ city. A majority of people in these atolls are using this service.

Me & family ready to travel in a speed boat which is ready for departure. Photo by: Ahmed on 31st August 2017

The other way of traveling to male and other atolls is by means of air transportation. A domestic airport (Ifuru airport) is located in the middle of the Ra. Atoll. There is a government operated ferry dhoani to the airport each day. Therefore it’s not difficult to catch the flights in a rush even. An alternative speed boat hire is also available easily in the atoll.

Ferry dhoani: photo by: Ahmed on 27th August 2017

Currently there is a resort under construction in the ifuru airport. It’s beaches and atmosphere is the perfect for the first time visitors.  Let’s check it with pictures of ifuru airport.

Photos by: Ahmed on 27th August 2017

So I guess living in the island paradise is the best offer a person could get in this world. Below is the island (Ra. Angolhitheemu )where I live at the moment. 

Isn’t it amazing? I am enjoying the moments in the paradise to the maximum. Have your say in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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