A Ghoulish Memory

I am living in the most densed populated island of the region. My country consists of a few portion of land, but around 90% of sea around it. It’s capital is the home of more than 170,000 people with a landscape of only 2 miles .

It was 1997. I was sitting in the edge of shore protection tripod in the south end of the male city. My friend was on the way to pick me for a fishing trip in a small speed boat. Our boat was very small and it doesn’t have a long rope with an anchor. Therefore we had to let our boat with the flow of the ocean current as to increase the probability of the catch. I could say that the weather was good with the stars insight.

When my friend arrived and when everything was ready, we started our journey to the ocean nearby. We drove the speed boat for around ten minutes through some vessels anchored in the nearby places. We stopped our boat in a place where we thought that fishing experience would be great. We had a few catches before the stars in the sky started to vanish. The black clouds covered the sky in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, it started to rain and it felt like the thunderstorms were in the deck of the boat. Our boat started to move in a speed which we cannot control with the small 2HP outboard engine. Unfortuately the scattered rain and the heavy winds carried us away from the near by anchored boats very quickly. We knew that we are going to be out of male atoll very soon. Therefore we shouted loudly asking for help, as possible as we can, for about an hour till we lost the lights of the anchored boats. It was scary. The waves were getting bigger and bigger and our boat is struggling to keep up with the waves. I prayed to god asking for help. I had the trust in my creator.

After we have been drifted from the male area for an hour or more, we have lost the hope of surviving. It was very dark and there were no moon or stars in the sky. Suddenly I heard a small boat engine sound whcih made me to look for the sound through the rain. I saw a small boat with two people approaching us. At that time I knew my prayers were heard and it was accepted . We have been rescued and later it was known that the small boat was from an anchored boat which its crew heard our screams for help.

It was a night which I could not forget. It was scary and a Ghoulish memory which will be there till I die.

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