ASC compassed hard to make the communities unite.

Angolhitheem sports club (ASC) is one of the active NGOs in the northern atoll of Maldives. They have been trying to make the public aware of the health and well-being in nearby islands through various sports activities. One of them is the soccer tournament carried out by the NGO for the youths of the three islands in the r. Atoll of Maldives. Another aim of these events are to reduce the differences among small communities which is an obstacle for the development of them. Since 2013 ASC have been conducting this tournament successfully each year. It gives a great opportunity for the youths in these islands to show their skills and to explore the opportunities in the Soccer carrier.

This tournament is a perfect leisure for the public to enjoy their school holidays ( in Maldives School holidays in the year end are considered as the most citizens holidays ). It has been a successful event and achieving its aim and targets since their first tournament.

ASC has been spending thousands of dollars for this tournament and it’s expected the public to benefit from this tournament in terms of well being and health benefits. We wish more NGOs to perform better and give more opportunities for the youths and public. ASC compassed hardly to achieve the targets.

Written for daily prompt Compass

ޚިޔާލު ފާޅުކުރައްވާ

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